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About – Andris Apšenieks
Welcome to my page,
I'm Andris Apšenieks and
I am fine art photographer from Riga, Latvia.

+371 29 410 561

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I don’t have nice legend – how I worked in darkroom decades ago.

A little bit about myself in numbers:

— My learning journey regarding photography started on 2007 only when I bought some used Nikon gear.

— Since 2012 my main focus is on portraits and fine art – mainly nude projects. I’m still collaborating with two models from 2012.

— My average model is 26 years young female.

— First participation in exhibition (group project) – 2014. First solo exhibition in 2015 (took me approx. 3 years to complete project).

— Participating in international photo contests since April, 2015 even my first rewarded image was taken in 2009. Received first gold medal in international photo contest, December 2015. Afterwards I received approx. 160 medals, diplomas and honorable mentions in international photo contests in October 2018.

— Usual photo session for me requires 3-4 hours work with model. Longest distance to take photos required ~5 hours driving/walking for me. I’m very fine with starting photo session on 4 c’clock on morning.

— Favorite lenses: 85 – 135 mm prime lenses as I prefer to work with model from distance.

— I collect prints on fine art paper from photo sessions. I still can’t make list of my collection for insurance company but current collection were in 6 boxes and 3 folders for non-standard size prints. There is one bookshelf with books/magazines where my works were included and drawer full of medals 😀

–Sometimes best ideas were spontaneous but normally I spend at least couple of hours in planning and preparation of each photo session and plan session at least week in advance.

Enough with speaking – click here to enjoy my portfolio!