Dust project status

Huh, already 2015 and February. So two years passed while project is ongoing.
I’m still working on this project so more sessions coming and models welcome – feel free to apply.¬†I decided do not publish works until I will make exhibition.

Some statistics on 20.02.2015:
Sessions in total: 11 sessions in studio, 1 session outside studio
Models joined: 22
Models agreed to join but did not arrived to sessions (cheated me): 4
Average flour spend per session: 15 kg
Maximum flour spend per session: 30 kg
Average non post processed images per session (it means pictures per day): ~200
Average processed images per model: ~10
~60-80 meters of polyethylene film is used in each session to save studio gear.
Average session length (preparation not included): 6 hours
Average time to prepare studio for shoot: ~1 hour
Average time to clean up studio after session is finished: ~2 hours

Very big thanks to all models who participated project!


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